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  • Is Sugar as addictive as Tobacco?
  • 1. Is eating Sweets/Sugar on all occasions is an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

    2. Is Sugar consumptions in excess is associated with adverse consequences as Tobacco?

    3. Does Sugar give a rush like tobacco?

    4. Is Sugar bigger problem than Tobacco?

    5. Can Sugar be considered as a new tobacco?

    Probably the answer to all the above questions is "YES".

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  • Are we ignoring prediabetes?
  • With an estimated 7 crores Indians being Diabetic (Diagnosed), Diabetes is undoubtedly an Epidemic. More importantly and worrisome is the number of "Prediabetics" and that is almost 50 crores in India. Does that mean that there would be new 50 Crores Diabetics in India in coming years? What is the significance of all this? I see this as an alarming sign for everybody. Being an Indian itself is a non-modifiable risk factor for Diabetes. This means that Every Indian is at a risk of developing Diabetes.

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  • "......PAUSE" is no more restricted to women any more. MEN do suffer from "MALE......PAUSE" or "ANDROPAUSE". The only difference is that there is no cut off age for "Andropause" in men like "Menopause" in women....... and there is no objective evidence of "Andropause" in men like the cessation of "Menstruation" in women.

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Dr.Deepak Anjana Chaturvedi advises you not to take the hormone replacement/corrective therapy as over the counter medication. The physiological roles of the hormones should not be considered as the pharmacological measures till there is enough clinical/laboratory evidence of hormones deficiency/Excess.

Dr.Deepak Anjana Chaturvedi insists that you should visit your physician if you find any of the symptoms of Hormonal imbalances in you.

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